Scholarly Video: A Venue for Sharing Research Findings

Organized as a journal article abstract, the videos include a thesis statement, finding, methodology and conclusions. Video content can be educational & experiential, enabling viewers new ways to engage with the content.



Bridging design practice experience and the scholarly culture, this research explores the focus and concentration work of mobile knowledge workers who gather, interpret, and transform information for business purposes. Offered the choice:

  • 1 Where are these mobile knowledge workers getting their focus work done?
  • 2 Why, how, and when are they selecting these locations?
  • 3 What physical, operational, or social attributes are important in selecting these locations?
  • 4 Do these location decisions vary by generational cohort?

This study aims to identify patterns relating to how or where office workers do their focus work. These scholarly video abstracts, in the form of short movies, provide a rigorous, valid, and reliable method to present research. This enables the viewer to have new ways to engage with the study findings.

Rethinking Scholarly Communication In Interior Design

Research Findings 1: Methodology and Focus Work

Research Findings 2: Location and Technology Factors

Research Findings 3: Job Description and Personality

Research Findings 4: Summary and Practical Applications

Generational Culture